Global Homing connects people who love their holiday home. Therefore, trust, responsibility and safety are important prerequisites for a harmonious cooperation between our club members  (download here).

Trust and fairness

The club members
… treat each other fairly and honestly.
… treat the information they are provided with as confidential.
… do not post any descriptions and photos that are out of date and which could possibly create a wrong impression of themselves or their holiday home.
… fairly assign their holiday home to a property category.
… inform the host if they are not among the travellers and
… as a guest, do not allow anyone other than the persons named to stay as overnight guests in the holiday home.

Responsibility and reliability

Club members in their role as guest
… look after the host's holiday home as though it were their own.
… know that a confirmed booking is binding and accept that cancellation is only possible at the host's discretion.
… assume responsibility for the conduct of their fellow travellers.
… behave responsibly towards their neighbours and the surroundings.
… observe the arrangements agreed with the host.
… leave the holiday home neat and tidy.
… use energy and water economically.
Club members in their role as host
… make sure that the holiday home is tidy and clean upon arrival of their guests.
… are responsible for having respective information for dealing with their holiday home available.

Security and confidentiality

The club members
… use the club members' contact data only for personal enquiries concerning the portal.
… are financially responsible for damage that they or their fellow travellers cause.
… provide the address of their holiday home only to their guests and decide voluntarily how detailed they want to show the location on the map