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Krk Want to enjoy a special focus for your holiday and discover the natural beauties and cultural heritage of Croatia? Global Homing offers you a chance to discover natural beauties and explore historical buildings, historical forts and other cultural heritage. Croatia has a very rich and remarkable cultural history. Explore the history of Croatia through visits to the museums, monuments and churches.The natural beauty of Croatia offers you the unforgettable experience through national parks, nature parks, speleology and underwater world. If you enjoy diving in miraculous sea worlds, exploring the caves or discovering the cultural heritage of Croatia

On the map
Croatia is a middleuropean Adriatic country. It lies between Slovenia on the west, Hungary on the north, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina on the east, while the Adriatic sea divides it from its neighbor Italy. The convenient geografical position, as well as the good traffic connections make it easy to reach its numerous destinations and the wunderful beaches of the cristal blue and clear Adriatic sea.

The Republic of Croatia covers an area of 56.538 km2 and its territorial waters cover 31.900 km2. The Adriatic sea of Croatia is for many Europeans the closest warm sea and is at the same time one of the most beautiful. The coastline including the islands is 5.700 km long and is one of the most intented coastlines in the Mediterranean. With its 1.185 islands, islets and rocks it really deserves its name 'country of the thousand islands'. The biggest islands are Krk and Cres.

Postion of Croatiav oon ther map Facts and data
According to the last census, Croatia has 4.437.460 inhabitants. The majority of the inhabitants are Croats, while Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians, Slovenians, Hungarians, Italians and Czechs form the most numerous minorities. Capital The capital is Zagreb with 779.145 inhabitants – the economic, traffic, cultural and academic center of Croatia.

Climate and weather
There are two climate zones; a temperate continental climate, locally also a mountainous climate, prevails in the interior, whereas a pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails along the Adriatic coast, with an overwhelming number of sunny days and a sea temperature that does not fall under 20°C. This pleasant climate favours the relax and enjoyment of the treasures of the Adriatic coast. The average temperature: January 0 to 2°C, August 19 to 23°C; average temperature at the seaside: January 6 to 11°C, August 21 to 27 °C; the sea temperature is about 12°C in the winter, and 25°C in the summer.

Nowadays, geotourism is becoming more important, due to its characteristics that encompass cultural and ecological aspect of environmental protection. Development of geotourism is based on the degree of protective measurements that are being passed in order to protect the natural heritage of protected areas. As a form of specialized tourism, geotourism supports and enhances the environment, culture, esthetics, and heritage as well as the geographical character of the place that is being visited. Croatia is a country full of natural riches, geographical diversity, and different varieties of plants and animals, and is therefore an ideal place to develop geotourism. In Croatia, geotourism provides you with an unforgettable experience of nature and gives you the opportunity to get to know this small country full of natural riches.


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