1Tipici sardi in Buddittogliu

Enjoy pure relaxation and holidays with us! Our house offers holiday fun in a beautiful and untouched nature.Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings for sunny beach days, hikes, bike rides and walks. We offer a convenient holiday home the typical way that you can feel right at home during your holiday. We look forward to your visit!

The house: You need a break from your home, but reluctant to flee into the anonymity of a hotel? They look forward to a relaxing holiday in a atmosphere? Then we offer you our hotel is the ideal alternative.Holiday homes are practical and cozy furnishings:
You can avoid the otherwise inevitable transition to the restaurant, because you can cook quickly in your cottage itself something. Especially for holidays with children offers this alternative. The house is a "real Sardinian house," ie. earlier inhabitants of Sardinia here have lived for decades. According massively the house was built of natural stone. Unlike many new buildings, this house was built and maintained with love by the residents over the years.If you are expecting a 5 star palace, you are not with us to the right place, but if you love the ease of individuality of a holiday home, you are right with us. We can promise you a wonderful holiday in our house.

The outdoor area: You want a leisurely breakfast outside and it does not leave for an picnic? Do not worry, our house is equipped with a spacious terrace. So you can relish breakfast with your family or friends on the terrace and enjoy the morning sun.

Equipment: Feel yourself at home! We ensure the full comfort in your vacation home, it is important for us that you feel in the stranger comfortable around.Our house is simply but functionally furnished: In the kitchen you will find the corkscrew to pot everything you need for cooking and eating pleasurable. How can unwind after a busy day, for now. All in all, our house is simply but comfortably furnished.The furniture is discreet and unobtrusive, everything invites you to relax in a typical local atmosphere.