Relax Cottage in Prüm

Surrounded by lush forests the Relax Cottage is suitable for all who are looking for something special and love unique ambience. In a romantic and cozy atmosphere guests enjoy the unique rural environment, the sophisticated comfort and the private spa in your own cottage.

Relax Cottage conveys with its 3 cottages externally the appearance of a modern home. Inside guests will find various wellness facilities. The Relax Cottage 8 is modern and luxurious. The Relax -cottage 4 guests will find a mix of modern living and a southern French style with stone walls and white trim. In Relax Cottage 2 guests can expect a typical Cycladic architecture (round, cave-like houses) which is also known by the Greek island of Santorini. The bed , the sofa and the kitchen are walled in by hand. The mix of special architectural , antique furniture and components as well as the connection with the latest technology and the unique privacy in your own spa make relaxing cottage to life with all its beauty .

Each cottage has a spacious south facing terrace / balcony with sun loungers. Canopies, sun shades, sun sails and awnings provide shade when guests wish. Baskets of stone, lush laurel hedges and screens ensure privacy and seclusion . The garden is divided into two levels and offers at the bottom of further sun loungers and seating and a barbecue area for all guests.

The architecture of Relax Cottage is modern. The exterior walls are plastered and painted in warm natural tones. The interior walls are partially plastered with clay plaster and painted with clay paints and vary in appearance . The garden around the cottages is clearly separated by beautiful hedges and trees that are trimmed with natural stones. A grid stone fence and privacy screens also provide privacy and undisturbed privacy. The interiors have been designed with great attention to detail in bright, warm colors and creates together with antique and contemporary interior a cozy atmosphere. Contemporary stoves in the living area and comfortable sun loungers on the terrace, summer and winter to stay. Another part of the Relax Cottage concept is the closeness to nature. Elements like fire to play a major role and so many candles spread an authentic atmosphere. A wooden bench in front of the Relax Cottage reminds to the old philosophy of life of the Eifel who settled down after work and be rewarded with a glimpse into the Eifel nature.

A special feature is the unique ambience and its own spa. From the ecological point of view Relax Cottage is a rather unusual holiday home. Relax Cottage is the first CO2 - neutral holiday home in Europe. The cottages are supplied with crackling fireplaces , green electricity 100 % biogas and solar energy. The double house is divided into three units. The large semi-detached house ( cottage 8) has two levels with four bedrooms and offers space for up to eight people. Cottage 2 and Cottage 4 are up to 2 person. The big Relax -cottage 8 has 150 m² of living space and four bedrooms (two bedrooms each with a king-size bed and two bedrooms with two single beds) . Each bedroom is equipped with quality mattresses, the beds and wardrobes are made ​​of high quality oiled oak.