Exchange your holiday home with other attractive holiday properties and discover new holiday destinations

Global Homing is a portal for owners of holiday homes and hotels/guesthouses, who would like to occasionally go on holiday to a different destination. Why pay a lot of money for holidays in other places? As a member, you can exchange your own holiday home without the need to look for an exchange partner. With this, Global Homing has redefined holiday home exchange: The convenient travel points system makes the problems of conventional home exchange portals a thing of the past and allows “exchange” regardless of time and property.

Holiday home exchange made easy

Simply select your dream destination; contact the host to directly agree upon a travel date and all other details with them and then you can begin packing your bags. For the overnight stays, your host obtains travel points, which are transferred from your travel points account to your host's account. The host can subsequently use these points on a stay in any other property. You can see how many travel points you have to use for a respective holiday home by the respective property category, which is indicated in the headline of each property description.

For example: For a holiday home with property category 3 you have to use 3 travel points per night, i.e. for 10 overnight stays 30 travel points are transferred.

If you have not collected enough or even any travel points for your desired destination, you can still proceed with the booking. Each club member has a sufficiently high travel points overdraft.